“Without content, not a thing moves forward in the entire marketing landscape. That’s why I call it the atomic particle. It’s one of the building blocks.”

Rebecca Lieb

Author of Content - the Atomic Particle of Marketing

Loyalty Campaigns

Steve Madden used Movable Ink and Oracle Responsys to create personalized email content to power a loyalty campaign that boosted revenue and engagement.


As you can see, personalized loyalty campaigns drive big results. Want to see more examples of how Movable Ink and Oracle Responsys help retail marketers elevate experiences, boost productivity, and see incredible results?

And marketers know the value of personalization…

of firms prioritize personalization

of marketers say targeted personalization increases engagement

of consumers feel they’ve experienced personalization

… but creating personalized experiences isn’t easy.

Leading Barriers to Achieving Their Company’s Personalization Goals According to UK and US Marketers, April 2017

% of respondents

Source: PWC, “Total Retail Survey 2017”

This is especially true if your content and data aren’t easily accessible.

“Content is everywhere, and that’s the problem: it’s scattered in a thousand different places.”

Marketers need a simple way to…

Drive performance

Help customers make complex purchasing decisions, which often involve complementary products from partners. Emails need to teach customers how and when to use a product in order to keep them engaged and clicking throughout the customer lifecycle.

Enhance agility

Quickly react to fast-changing customer demand, which requires email marketers to coordinate email with website content, using live pricing, inventory, and/or purchasing trends. Emails that show the wrong price or promote out-of-stock items don’t just lose revenue, they hurt the customer experience.

Elevate experiences

Showcase the authentic customer experience, which is found in the Instagram photos and Twitter posts of customers and fans. Emails that don’t incorporate curated user generated content (UGC) fail to capitalize on the growing power of social influencers.

Movable Ink and Oracle Responsys make it easy for retail marketers to:

Pull content from anywhere

Repurpose and reformat that content to drive the best email experience

Understand and optimize content

To learn how Movable Ink and Oracle Responsys help Steve Madden, DSW, and Lenovo elevate experiences, boost productivity, and see incredible results, download our ebook, Creating Compelling Retail Experiences with Movable Ink and Oracle Responsys.